Assalomu alaykum, dear friend


Assalomu alaykum and hello, dear friend, fans, familiar or my unknown buddy!

I am glad to meet You through the Internet – the modern example of development. Look, My goodness, we have reached these miracle days.

It is difficult (maybe easy for someone) to publish a book nowadays. On the whole, the attitude towards the book has been changed. Now it is difficult to believe facing book readers that is leafing through the volumes of the novels of Tolstoy, Gorkiy, Oybek, P.Qodirov and others. Internet has got its own ornament and attractiveness. In point of fact this is Internet!

You have not to treat to the editor (as if)? Whatever you have written (in any case as an acknowledged writer or poet) you have right for declaring it. In general, as a book, whoever want to read you, he can visit to your web.

So, welcome, my dear (yes-yes, dear) friend, admirer or reader!

No need for the unnecessary words!

Probably my choice about entering to the world of creation was right – I have done something in this path, wrote something. Only I should tell the names of my masters (without any self-interest or lucre) like Khayyam, Mashrab, Cholpon, Bulgakov, Hemingway, Gorkiy, Pirimqul Qodirov, Vladimir Visotskiy, Rauf Parfi, Tohir Malik, Erkin A’zam, Shavkat Rahmon, Muhammad Yusuf. They are my masters, not me and I never can be like them!

I – Nabi Jaloliddin (Jalolov) love my society, village, motherland and of course, my nation (this is true)! I’ve been attempted for serving them, to be known and taking their blessing along my entire life. If I have reached their little attention – I am thankful.

(My appreciation is to my son Bobur – the initiator of opening this web and is trying to make an online bridge between you and me.) 

In short, Assalamu alaykum va rahmatullohu va barakatuhu!