Assalomu alaykum, dear friend
The 50th Anniversary – 2012

Nabi Jaloliddin was born on the 2nd may of 1962 in Izboskan region of Andijan district of Republic of Uzbekistan. He is the participant of the Afghan war (1981-83), the member of the Writer’s union of Uzbekistan.

He graduated from Journalism department of Tashkent state university (National University) in 1993.

Several books of the writer: poetic books – “The night with mint”, “The free exclamation”, “I will not stay with you”, “The Soul is Free”, story and essay books – “The color of the death”, “The manly house” and the novel about the life of Omar Khayyam “Khayyam” has been published.

Nabi Jaloliddin has been translated the “Kaligula” play of Albert Camus, the French philosopher who has decent share in the development of world literature.