He defended his doctoral dissertation on the stories of Nabi Jaloliddin

Continuation of the novel “Khayyam”

Abduvahob Kayumov, a lecturer at Fergana State University, defended his doctoral dissertation on “National character and artistic skill in modern Uzbek prose.”

The stories of famous writers Utkir Khoshimov and Nabi Jaloliddin are examples of nationalism. Scientific supervisor – Doctor of Philology, Professor Yuldoshkhodja Solidzhonov.

“It seems that internal factors strongly influenced the formation of views on national character in the person of Nabi Jalaliddin. You can be convinced of this by reading his journalistic articles, published interviews, biography. For example, “You are my eyes, Motherland!” In his article titled Nabi Jalaliddin, “he claims to have written the story of “Flag” following his own children. The writer tells his children: “Show others our national traditions as much as possible. Don’t interfere with them, don’t get absorbed in them, keep your appearance, “he said. In a number of stories, stories and novellas, he absorbed the peculiarities of the national mentality of the Uzbek people. For example, in the stories “Doppi”, “Pain”, “Worm’s Night”, “Hearts” the traditions and customs of our people are widely covered, and the writer saw or experienced many of them with his own eyes”, writes A. Kayumov.