The next – “Now autumn” poems book of the poet was published

The new poems book of Nabi Jaloliddin – “Now autumn” was published by “Adib” publishing house at the Writer’s union of Uzbekistan. The poet named his next book “Now autumn”. The followers will be able to buy the book from June.

The book is consisted of 4 units – “My everlasting blooming spring”, “My anguish and languor”, “Come, my Leyli, to the land of wander”, “I am the first, I am the last”. As well, the new dastan of the poet – “The ticketless men” was added to the new book.

 “The true poem has its history, present and future. The history belongs to the poet’s heart, present is on the paper and future will live in the hearts of its followers. I am lonely for your heart. What is a poetry? Poetry is dividing your heart into pieces like a just cooked bread.  This is a new baked bread!” writes the poet in his autograph. 

The new book has got 175 pages. We hope the pocket-size book will reach the heart of book readers by both beautiful poems and its special design.